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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A network of vessels nestled beneath her skin
Her radiant, translucent coat of porcelain.
Threads raced beneath, delicately tying her up.
Surging with liquid ruby and milky plasma.

Plasma. Tainted. Toxic.
A faint olive tinge.
Specks of dust and dirt laced the tracks.
Dusts of envy, anxiety and fear.
Dirt of regrets, hatred and shame.

Nauseous. With guilt and worry.
Vocal chords cloaked with hesitance.
Glass threads tugged every muscle.
Glistening with mockery.
Puppet, deaf, dumb, mute.

Puppeteer. Omniscient.
The ghost that saturated the stale air.
That graveyard in the blackened skull.
Filled with multilated corpses of her heroes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Final Lesson Of A Spent Soul

With the strongest of conviction in my quivering voice,
I dare confide in the impatient winds,
Sweeping across trampled flora
Withering in its expired glory

For I too, was withering
Blue tracks a-running
Masking networks of ruby
Running too, but running dry.

Gypsies of the skies
Scatter my sorrows
In depth-less abysses
Where the drowning regrets
Of shattered souls spent in naught
Reside in bitter resentment
Never breathing fairytales dreamt

I confide as such:
I am the greatest disappointment I've ever met

My final lesson, I'd decided
Was to learn to surrender to Mother Nature
She was a force almighty, emanating omnipotence

I was but a speck of dirt
On Her cloak of eternal rejuvenation
So I had to made do
With surrendering to her subordinate



First draft. Composed in a couple of minutes with no editing so pardon the crappiness. Just need to get my feelings out of me.

Hey I heard...
Saturday, March 17, 2012

So, this is just a notice, which should be called for.

I'm going on an indefinitely hiatus.

Well not that anyone would care, my blog isnt particularly interesting.
But anyway, yeah. Till I get my life in order.

On another note, I want The Fray's album, Scars&Stories SO DAMN BADLY
More than I want Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto or Snow Patrol's Fallen Empires;

Well, I guess this is goodbye

...for now.

Upside of a downward spiral
Sunday, March 4, 2012

Music albums I wanna get: Scars&Stories (The Fray), Fallen Empires (Snow Patrol) and...

Anyway, blogging is tough. so here's a link, go read the stuff there.
A review on the education system in Singapore by an ex-NUSH, current NUS.

Time to mug. Asdfghjkl.

The Fighter
Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ah yes, I'm blogging once a week, and usually my posts are meaningless and short.
Well, I'm busy
(not really) and tired (yes really) and my life is boring (nah).
Went to CosFest with Lisa <3 it was smaller (wayyyy) than AFAX or SGTCC, but free XD
Right outside Wild Wild Wet. Well, few booths and didnt stay for the Cosfest event.
Was rather disappointed in the booths :\ Well, the Cosplayers (not alot) were still cool :D
Didnt see Justina though. Heard she went :D

I do have my reasons for lack in blogging. Some might say my lack in spirit too;
Or less cheery or more bitchy or sth. I apologise for that, and to show my sincerity;
Anyone that comes up to me and says RAINBOW! may have a candy from my locker :3
I just... have personal family issues going on now, which affects my mood. Pardon me.

Asghjkl school work isnt a lot, but sure it hard. Or I'm stupid. Or both. Yes both.

ChinaGlaze releasing The Hunger Games nailpolish collection in Singapore on 1st March!
I saw the swatches. The orange is so awesome <3 Hope got discount or sth :D

-yawn- I guess my blogging spirit is dying. Someone save me.
I think I am dying from the inside out anyway.

Tis' The Season
Monday, February 20, 2012

This Wednesday, 22nd February is Ash Wednesday, marking the start of Lent, 40 days before Easter.
Why 40? Christ had fasted for 40 days, after which he was tempted by the devil.

Faith Methodist Church is very hyped up this year for Lent, we're embarking on a journey;
The Journey Into The New Testament, where we shall read the NT in 40 Days.
After doing my own research and thinking, I have decided to get more fired up for Lent.
I'm not a child anymore, and should be having Lent more like a grownup.
I know it won't be easy, but if Christians from all over the world, can make sacrifices;
Many more 'severe' than mine, then why shouldn't I, with Christian upbringing,
Not be able to do likewise? It's time to grow up and not be so spoilt.

What about "giving up something" for Lent?

When many of us were children, we might remember our giving up candy for Lent. And, it seemed like a real sacrifice. As we grew up, it was often more difficult to decide what special thing to do, to make Lent a special season - to get our attention and to prepare ourselves for deeper sacrifices.

What would help me grow in freedom? That's the question to ask. For some of us, it could be, committing ourselves to give up judging others, every single day of Lent. For others, it could be giving up a bad habit we've developed. For still others, it is obvious what seems to be the important choice for me during Lent.

For many of us, the choice may not be to give something up, but to add something to our daily lives during Lent. We may commit ourselves to extra prayer time. We may decide to do some service to the poor, once a week during Lent. We may choose to increase our almsgiving to the poor - perhaps related to something we choose not to do, e.g., some might choose not to go out to eat one night a week, and to give that total amount to the poor.

Whether it is fasting, abstaining or other acts of penance, the whole desire we should have is to use these means to help us grow closer to our Lord and prepare ourselves "to celebrate the paschal mystery with minds and hearts renewed." (First Preface of Lent)

May our Lord bless us all on this journey ahead.

Children might give up candy, adults might give up meat or gambling or alcohol...
What am I doing then? Of course, it has to be challenging, causing me to rely more on God.
So I have chosen, for the 40 days of Lent, to abstain from my mega food weaknesses.

Chocolate and flour.

Why these? You can contact me if you're interested in knowing.
The symbolic colours of Lent are dark purple and grey. I made a simple bracelet out of a black cord, a small purple bead and 2 metallic ones. Will start wearing on Wed :)

Of course I know it'll be hard, but I hope to give this a try. And read the NT :D
I hope I've the support of my friends :D And after the time of abstinence, perhaps I'll grow in my discipline and trust in Christ :)

Update: In addition to giving up flour and chocolate, I've decided to watch my language and try to give up using vulgarities too :D
Also, for flour, minor exceptions might be made for buckwheat and wholewheat.

Contact me if you wish to know more or something

Throw water on my flame
Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gosh life as a yr3 is weird. Sort of. I screwed up my Chem quiz 1 big time but oh well.

Anyway, this blog shall be an outlet from school, so less blogging about sch I guess XD
I've decided to do sort of a blog challenge, where I write a letter to something/someone.
I've the letter writing list in a notepad doc. Well, I'm not too original XD

Btw, SCARS&STORIES IS OUT! YES YES I LOVE THE FRAY. Shall get it when its on offer/ deluxe version out.


Day 1 - Something/Someone you hate

Dear printer,
I know our relationship is complicated. It's partially abusive, neglected/stagnant, sometimes one-sided, and I must admit I hate you. But I can't live without you. You're my 2nd, I've never told you about my 1st as I was scared you would be jealous or appalled or maybe both. Well, it would be best if you know the truth. It died because a ruler got jammed in the paper hole.

I expected you to be better, but both of you are Canon, and I've realised that Canon isn't as good as I thought. I'm sorry for the times I turned you on, then left you like that for a day. You're pretty good, a colour printer and a scanner, but I hate you anyway. Before you cry or threaten to leave me, hear me out. As must as I hate you, I can't afford another printer so I can't leave without you. Yes, you're currently sort-of irreplaceable. But I hate you.

You moan and groan so loud when you're turned on, it's creepy. What goes in doesn't come out as expected, printing and margins are slanted, sometimes the colour is wrong too. And your bodily fluid levels don't show correctly on my computer. How would I know when to shove more into you? Well, I don't, then you pms and print my homework in pink. Sorry for the newsflash, but you're old and annoying. And occupy so much space. Honestly, I don't want an old hag like you, I want the young, advanced and lovely new ones. But my finances forbid me, so you stay.

In conclusion, my dear, it's a love-hate relationship. Hope you enjoy your time around before I get a new one and toss you out.

Please PMS less,
Well, I shall wait till I get a free printer XD



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